After a morning full of rescues, no doubt the one at Pinn Road was the most challenging for the San Antonio Fire Department. A man was seen sitting on top of his SUV with the water quickly rising.

Ernest Cannon is a manager at AAA Auger, which is just feet away from where Leon Creek meets Pinn Road. He recorded video of the frightening situation.

“If the water kept going up, it could’ve flipped that car over the rail,” Cannon observed.

The ladder on the fire truck was not long enough to reach the stranded man, but after improvising and using another ladder to create a bridge, the first responders were able to save the man.

“He’s ok, a little embarrassed at getting stuck out there. He had a 45 minute wait. I can imagine that was pretty nerve racking,” said SAPD Battalion chief Walter Yates. “In the time we were here, the water came up over a foot.”

Barricades eventually went up to prevent vehicles from trying to cross, but there were no barricades when the man tried driving across the water.

“One foot of water can exert up to 500 pounds of lateral force on a vehicle, so that means if it’s rushing at the right amount of speed, it takes any vehicle off the road,” KENS 5 Chief Meteorologist Bill Taylor explained.

And despite the evidence of that Monday, it could very well happen again since it hasn’t stopped drivers in the past.

When asked how often high water rescues happen in that spot, Cannon said, “Since I’ve been here this time, probably about six times. This was probably the most adventurous.”

Because there were no barriers, the driver will not receive a citation.