As the worst hurricane to hit the US in ten years barreled through Texas Saturday. Rebecca Callahan was getting ready to head into the disaster. It’s her seventh time volunteering with Red Cross.

“There’s always a need,” she said. “It’s kind of the more you go in, the more qualified you get, the more qualified you get, the more they need you… so it’s always worth it.”

Even though Harvey was downgraded to a tropical storm--the havoc isn’t done--with warnings of tornados, downpours, and flooding to come. Callahan will be on the ground to help people get food and shelter.

“Basic triage, we’re basically going to be taking care of as many people that require temporary sheltering until they can start doing damage assessments.” Said Callahan.

Officials have been stern with their warnings--telling people who stay to put their social security number on their arms to help identify them.

The storm has left one person dead and displaced countless others.

Callahan said she hopes that means people have been getting to safe-ground. “Relieved a little bit, that we haven’t heard of the number of fatalities that we often do, which tells me that people have actually listened to some of the organizations, including Red Cross.”

Callahan says the coming days will be long and exhausting. But worth it.

“Because every single time I go, it generally improves somebody’s life. They need it,” she said.

Callahan is one of thirteen Red Cross Volunteers in the DC area heading down to help with the disaster.