A hurricane is a big circle and you can break it down into four quadrants.

But which quadrant is the worst?

In the wake of Hurricane Harvey hitting the Texas coast, KENS 5 Meteorologist Jared Silverman broke down the four quadrants of a hurricane.

As the hurricane approaches the coast the front right quadrant of the hurricane brings the maximum impact. In Hurricane Harvey’s case, San Antonio will not be in the quadrant, but the Texas coast will be impacted.

The front left quadrant brings the significant storm surge. With Hurricane Harvey, this would cover the Corpus Christi, Rockport, and Port Lavaca area.

The back right quadrant holds the hurricane’s significant winds. In San Antonio, we should see tropical storm-force winds and should be spared from the hurricane winds.

The back left quadrant is the “weakest” side of the storm but still considered dangerous. Of the hurricane quadrants, this is what San Antonio will be in for a small amount of time. This quadrant will being some winds, but mostly rain which is what Sn Antonio is mostly focused on.