PHOENIX - Have you heard of passenger shaming?

It's a social media phenomenon run by an ex-flight attendant that shows the unruliness and nastiness of some airplane passengers.

The social media account captures many fliers keeping it classy at 30,000 feet.

There are pictures, for example, of a pregnancy test in a seat back pocket, a passenger wearing children’s underwear as a ball cap and lots of bare feet touching all surfaces: floor, tray tables, ceiling, bulkhead and arm rests.

There are also photos of men taking off their shirts.

Then, there are unthinkable shots.

A woman is seen in one not taking care of her forehead pimples.

Another woman has her hands on a man's nose. The caption said she is popping the man’s nose zits and pulling out his nose hairs.

The bra hanging on the tray latch is not the scariest thing you’ll see on the site, neither is the Chucky doll, or the lady clipping her nails, no, it’s a gigantic spider beast of a tarantula roaming about the cabin.

Finally, there are snapshots of long hair draped over the seat blocking the televisions of the passengers in the tow behind.

It's site that gives flyers something to think about the next time they take to the skies.

To see more, head to the Passenger Shaming Facebook page.

Bare feet on an airplane seat, posted on Passenger Shaming's Facebook page. (Photo: Passenger Shaming)