LEON VALLEY, Texas - It's easily one of the most frustrating roads that runs through the San Antonio area: Bandera Road, specifically the stretch between Loop 410 and Loop 1604.

In fact, the congestion has gotten so bad that the Leon Valley police chief said it has led to an “epidemic” of red light runners. That’s why red light cameras will soon be going up.

When driving up and down Bandera road in Leon Valley, it’s not hard to spot someone running a red light. In some cases, drivers end up blocking the intersection.

“It’s an epidemic. You can sit here at the lights and watch every time two, three and four cars run the red light,” said Leon Valley Police Chief Joseph Salvaggio.

Salvaggio said, on average, 80,000 vehicles drive through the area daily, which has led to 1,100 crashes within the past two years. The chief said it ends up tying up his officers responding to traffic calls, which rarely involve actual Leon Valley residents.

“So, Leon Valley residents are paying for services that they’re not even utilizing because of the accidents that are occurring here within our community,” said Salvaggio.

Leon Valley Councilman David Jordan said the city has received very little pushback on the idea of installing red light cameras.

“We’re not generating revenue. This is a safety and security issue,” said Jordan.

“No money goes back to the city. The city is not making a bunch of money. This is not a revenue generator. This is literally to try and change the mindsets of people,” said Salvaggio.

If a driver is caught by one of the red light cameras, they will be sent a $75 ticket. There will be a $25 fine added for those who don’t pay the ticket on time.

It will cost Leon Valley $4,500 to rent each red light camera, and the city is looking to get 15 cameras put up by the end of the year.