TROY, Texas - It wasn't your typical backup on I-35 in Troy Wednesday morning.

The northbound lanes were shutdown because of a crash involving multiple vehicles, including two semi-trucks, but there was also entertainment and dancing.

Acccording to TxDOT, a man got out of his car near the front of the backup and began playing polka music, while other drivers got out on the highway and danced.

The crash happened around 7 a.m. and backed up traffic for miles. TxDOT said they had cleared the accident at 9:19 a.m.

A driver stuck in the traffic, Cody Hilton, sent us a picture saying he had been sitting still for two hours.

TxDOT did not say if anyone was injured.

They suggested the following route for people going northbound.

Exit 304 to Loop 363 in Temple, turn left and drive four miles to SH 36, turn right and drive 3.75 miles to SH 317, turn right and drive 11 miles to SH 7/FM 107, turn right and drive 6.75 miles to I-35 and finally turn left to get on the on-ramp.

A driver lays down outside his car as he waits for traffic to clear on I-35 Northbound Wednesday morning.