A major makeover is coming to an important northeast-side traffic corridor thanks to a multi-million dollar vote at city council on Thursday.

Every day almost 45,000 drivers pass through the Harry Wurzbach and Austin Highway corridor. And relief is finally on the way for those who have suffered through long waits to make it through the intersection, which features no direct connections.

Razi Hosseini, the assistant director of transportation and capital improvements for the City of San Antonio, said that the project is going to improve the area significantly by providing direct access from one major artery to another.

“It’s going to have four ramps and people can go very easily from one to the other,” said Hosseini, who added that for years drivers have been forced to endure long waits or make perilous cuts through private parking lots.

Hosseini explained that the project will eliminate two existing traffic lights that cause major backups during critical travel times and will also provide other improvements as well.

“We are adding sidewalks, bike lanes, shared paths, and also the project is going to improve drainage,” he said.

Federal, state, and local bond money are being pooled to complete the work, which engineers call a Single Point Urban Interchange. Hosseini said that the total price tag for the work will be in the range of $20 million.

Although Hosseini did point out that the process will be a long one and that, at each step of the way, they will solicit input from the public.

“Once design work is underway, we will go back to the neighborhoods to see what they would like to see and to say ‘here we come,” said Hosseini, noting that the city will also do its best to limit disruptions during the construction process. “We phase the project to make sure the construction is not too big of an inconvenience.”

Hosseini said that he expects design work to be finished by early 2018 with construction beginning in August. The target date for completing the project is January 2020.

For a link to the City of San Antonio web page that will track the project as it moves through the development process, click here.