Neighborhoods in the city of Bandera are ready to welcome trick or treaters from nearby counties, but many residents are worried for children's safety as congestion grows on their streets.

Bandera City Marshal Will Dietrich says that the city's streets are usually quiet, but when Halloween rolls around, the streets get flooded with cars.

"It's taken the joy out of Halloween for a lot of our citizens," he said.

One street having a problem with traffic is Hackberry. Dozens of cars line the streets as children trick or treat by car instead of walking.

"It's becoming a a public safety problem, because the kids running across the street and there's so many cars," Dietrich noted.

"Children aren't thinking" said Bobby Prather, who lives in the neighborhood. "They are running to and from. It's up to the driver to look out for them."

Prather says that trick or treating should be done the good old-fashioned way, by walking.

"I think parents need to tell their kids to stay on one side of the street for one block, then cross the street," he said.

Dietrich said that he would rather see drivers park on one side of the street and walk their children door to door.

"The neighbors enjoy trick or treaters," he said. "They are just scared someone is going to get run over."