Almost 700 people in San Antonio have been hit by a car since the beginning of the year, including a grandmother who died on San Pedro Thursday.

No one thinks they're going to die on their way to work. Sarah Marlatt, the woman’s neighbor, said that the grandmother was trying to catch the bus on her way to work.

“The way her body was trapped up underneath that truck was severely bad,” Marlatt said.

Around 5 p.m., a maroon truck leaving a shopping center on San Pedro Avenue and Oblate Drive hit the woman. The grandmother was not in a crosswalk as she made her way across the street.

“The driver [of the truck] didn't even realize she had hit anybody until the guy had come out that said she had hit somebody,” Marlatt recalled. “Guys were holding the truck back to keep it from rolling on to the lady.”

The grandmother, in her 50s, lived just a few feet from where she died, at an extended stay motel.

“She stays here with her daughter, her son-in-law and her two granddaughters, who are 3 and 2 [years old] or something,” Marlatt said.

Since January, San Antonio police say that at least 684 people have been hit by cars, trucks or other vehicles inside San Antonio's city limits. Including the grandmother, at least 41 of those people died.

This is the third time Sarah Marlatt has seen someone get hit by a car on San Pedro.

“I think this keeps happening because people don't want to take the extra mile to walk up to the crosswalk,” Marlatt speculated. “They want to take the shortcut and just cross the traffic. They don't understand that's risking their lives.”

The grandmother’s name hasn’t been released. Police say the driver of the truck is not facing charges at this time.