SAN ANTONIO -- For the first time since 1977 the Dallas Cowboys are 8-1 after pulling off a win against the Pittsburgh Steelers with only seconds left in last night's game.

Cowboys fans everywhere are starting to think about heading to the Super Bowl. But how much will it cost to go to the big game?

The people at BreWingz in the Colonnade were thrilled after Sunday night's win.

"I love the Cowboys. I love the Cowboys," said Store Manager Akeem Akin Dokun.

Rick Rodriguez said, "It's a special team this year they don't give up they keep grinding it out offense and defense."

"It was definitely the game of the week for sure," Brandon Barron said.

It’s even got fans talking Super Bowl bound to Houston!

"I think they are going to go to the playoffs, maybe the Super Bowl if possible," Dokun said.

Rodriguez said, "We have a very good chance of making the Super Bowl this year."

"I'd say their chances are pretty likely," Barron added.

But what are your chances of going? How much money would you pay for all expenses including that golden ticket to see the boys at NRG stadium?

Barron said he could spend around $3,000, while Dokun would spend as much as $5,000. However, Rodriguez is the big spender.

"It's a pretty penny. Upwards of $10,000," he said.

You could get creative by getting on the wait list to be a volunteer with the host committee, or a temp job doing security for $15 an hour.

Another option, getting a job selling concessions. You won't have a seat but you could make some money.

Right now tickets on StubHub start at $3,400. You could go for a premium package with the ultimate Super Bowl experience for a little under $16,000.

Remember, ticket prices will change depending on who plays in the big game.