SAN ANTONIO – Sadly it was a rough weekend for San Antonio’s Parasport Spurs who traveled to the National Wheelchair Basketball Tournament.

During the Parasport Spurs' trip to Louisville, Kentucky, the team unfortunately lost and their coach was hit by a car.

On Thursday, the team won their first game against the Shepherd Steelers. It wasn't long after that win the team was meeting up at a restaurant near their hotel to celebrate when Coach Willie Jackson was hit by a car.

Nakia Merritee who plays for the Parasport Spurs said Jackson had just valeted his car. Jackson, who is paralyzed from the waist down, was trying to make his way to the sidewalk because the ramp for his wheelchair was blocked off. As he was crossing, the valet driver hit another car and Jackson throwing him out of his wheelchair.

Jackson broke his leg in two places. Nakia added Jackson had surgery on Monday and is expected to be okay, but it will take a while for him to recover.

The team went into the tournament confident they would bring home the championship title. However, after Jackson was hurt, the team was distraught and emotional on the court.

They went from ranking fourth to sixth in the country giving the team more motivation to train harder for next season.