The Royal Rumble at the Alamodome won't take place until January 29, more than eight weeks from now. But we already have two high-profile entrants.

Last week, after shocking the world and destroying Brock Lesnar in just one minute and 26 seconds, Goldberg said that he was aiming at a championship and was entering the Royal Rumble.

In response, this past week on Monday Night Raw, Paul Heyman announced that Brock Lesnar was humiliated by his loss to Goldberg at Survivor Series and would also be entering the Royal Rumble match.

The implications of this announcement are staggering. One thing that has been frustrating about Brock Lesnar in the recent past is that his feuds have seemed to function outside of the main roster, almost like what happens within that feud will have no implication with the title.

I, personally, don't like it and have wondered why Brock Lesnar hasn't been in the championship picture for a while if he's being billed as an unstoppable beast. With Goldberg's dominant victory, I wondered if he would make a play at the title, and last week, the WWE universe got the good news.

Now Lesnar joins him, and with the title not really in the picture for either superstar aside from their Royal Rumble entry, there are seemingly infinite possibilities.

So here are the questions we're asking right now:

1. If either wins the Royal Rumble, which title will they go after?

This is another fun aspect of the brand split. Both Monday Night Raw and Smackdown Live have their respective titles. So if Goldberg wins, would he insult the Raw champ and go after the "real" WWE Championship on Smackdown Live? Would that mean he's feuding with someone on one roster while slated to face the champion of the other at Wrestlemania?

The best thing about the brand split is the implications for matches like the Royal Rumble. When there are multiple titles, the field truly opens up for an upset or unexpected winner because the other title can still carry Wrestlemania. So on top of the typical contenders, there could be an upset brewing as well.

2. Many expected the Lesnar-Goldberg feud to culminate with a big match at Wrestlemania, but could it be for the title?

Let's just say that Brock Lesnar gets a taste of revenge by knocking Goldberg out of the Royal Rumble and then he wins it. What's to stop Goldberg from climbing the ladder and winning the title before Wrestlemania to guarantee a face-off at the "Showcase of the Immortals"?

Not only would adding the title to the feud make it more special, but having the title change hands between the Royal Rumble and Wrestlemania to set up their matchup, something rare in WWE history, would make the setup incredibly unique.

You'd be rooting for the title-holder to lose. And you could have Lesnar doing everything he could to guarantee the matchup, with he and Paul Heyman essentially helping Goldberg become the champ so that he can then take it from him at Wrestlemania. That would be incredible story-telling.

3. Who will each feud with going into Wrestlemania?

Again, we're all functioning on the premise that these two are indeed going to meet at Wrestlemania. It would be the swerve of all swerves for that to not happen, but it probably will. The great thing about the Royal Rumble and the title being a part of this is that it's unlikely that the two will have a formal match before Wrestlemania.

The winner doesn't necessarily need to have any matches before Wrestlemania, but if the loser needs to win the title before then, who will they be facing?

Among the likely people are Kevin Owens and Seth Rollins on the Raw side or Dean Ambrose, AJ Styles, or even Bray Wyatt over at Smackdown Live.

We don't know what's going to happen, but we're really excited about the possibilities.