Today, in "content you didn't know you needed until you saw it," we bring you the Denver Broncos' quippy parody of the Friends theme song.

Bear with us -- we were on the fence before we hit play, but almost immediately realized this needs to top the charts (or at least just Despacito) like yesterday.

Featuring lyrics like "We don't have the rights to this we're making up the words" while Aqib Talib winks at the camera "in" Monica's apartment and "It's like you're always stuck in Broncos gearrrr," this song is a certified hit.

There's nothing that will get you more excited for this week's kickoff like Von Miller shimmying or Emmanuel Sanders imitating the theme song's iconic claps.

Us listening to the Broncos Friends theme song

Four days until the Broncos take on the Bears in Chicago! It's preseason, but we'll take it.

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