There are afew things that sports fans can all agree upon, but among them is that it's always awesome to watch videos showing walk-on college football players getting the news that they've been offered a scholarship.

We covered one recently when Texas Longhorns offensive lineman Garrett Graf heard the news that he was being offered a scholarship and burst into tears while his teammates celebrated around him.

But sometimes the moment doesn't happen in a chair during post-practice meeting. Sometimes that moment happens when you're challenged to accomplish one task for that dream.

This brings us to Mike Jinks, the head football coach at Bowling Green and former head coach at Steele. Jinks challenged Falcons kicker Jake Suder to one big kick: 53 yards for a scholarship.

“Coach [Jinks] had two scholarships still available for kids this year and [kicker] Jake [Suder] was one of the few kids who they had on their short list as a possibility for those two. There had been no final determination on exactly how those scholarships would be given out,” Bowling Green spokesman Jason Knavel told Yahoo Sports. “So, at practice, they were kicking and Jake was nailing them. So when they got to the long one [from 53 yards out], Coach Jinks out of the blue told him, ‘Knock this one down for a full scholarship.’ It really was organic and out of the blue.”

So how did Suder respond? Watch and find out:

(Can't see the video? Click here.)