You might not have planned on following the 1 vs. 16 matchup between defending national champ Villanova Wildcats and the Mount St. Mary's Mountaineers... but you might want to start.

The reason many don't believe that a 16-seed upsetting a 1-seed will never happen is that 1-seeds are so good that they can impose their will on any team, let alone an opponent of the caliber usually relegated to pre-conference cupcake. But that's not happening in this game.

Mountaineer guards are swarming on defense, preventing Nova from getting open looks and the Wildcats just keep chucking them up as their 1-9 for three. Mount St. Mary's is also holding their own on the interior as well.

Mount St. Mary's isn't overly relying on three-pointers and they're actually finding holes in the Wildcats defense, creating open and easy buckets.

Might we see the first ever upset of a 1-seed in the first round of the NCAA tournament? This feels as close to that chance as we'll ever see.

You just gotta believe.