San Antonio Spurs point guard Tony Parker gave an interview to an Argentinian TV show in which he talked about his injury and gave insight as to what he’s thinking about as he come to the end of his NBA career.

“It’s still gonna be a long process. It still is gonna take another four or five months. But I’m very happy with the progress,” Parker said.

Parker also talked about Manu Ginobili and how it feels like this upcoming season will be his last… but it might not be. He also talked about playing for Gregg Popovich and the challenge of playing for the French national team after a long NBA season.

One of his more interesting insights comes when he’s asked about whether he wants to coach after his career is over. Parker says that he’d prefer being an owner so that he could have some form of control over all aspects of a team rather than just how the players play on the court.

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