The San Antonio Spurs lost to the Dallas Mavericks on Tuesday night.

It was a frustrating game for Spurs fans as the team was inconsistent on both ends of the floor and while Kawhi Leonard finally returned from injury, he was on a minutes restriction so he couldn’t put the Spurs over for the win in the fourth quarter.

But apparently the game was even more frustrating for Mavs goon Salah Mejri. who couldn’t help but join that rare “sore winner” club.

According to several observers at the game, Mejri and Patty Mills were doing some jawing during the first half. Mejri and Rudy Gay were part of a double technical called late in the second quarter.

If you watched the Spurs broadcast, you know that Sean Elliott rightfully chided officials for assessing any penalty on what amounted to two guys lightly touching and then talking loudly while standing close to each other.

This didn’t appear to have any effect on the rest of the game and there were no other similar actions observed in the second half.

But apparently, Mejri just couldn’t let it go. After the game, which the Mavericks won by the way, cameras from the Mavericks broadcast caught Mejri aggressively walking toward Patty Mills from behind and then kicking his feet out in an attempt to trip Mills as he was leaving the court.

A tweet of the video was sent out shortly after the game but is picking up steam on social media a day later.

One of his teammates tried to pull him away before he did anything even more stupid.

Granted, Mejri is already known for doing stupid things during Spurs games. Two seasons ago, the Spurs were playing in Dallas and were dominating early on their way to a decisive victory.

Mejri threw down a dunk to cut the Spurs lead to 20 and then yelled at Gregg Popovich on the sidelines, which earned him a technical.

Pop immediately started laughing and then walked over to the bench to ask Tim Duncan what he said. Tim just laughed.

So just add this incident to all the reasons Salah Mejri is the biggest joke on the Mavs roster.