SAN ANTONIO -- Every politician likes to pander to a crowd to make supporters feel appreciated. It's a time-honored tradition for any public speaker, not just politicians.

But Donald Trump's love for the San Antonio Spurs organization goes a little further than that. In each of his visits to San Antonio for fundraisers in this election cycle, the Republican presidential nominee has invoked the Spurs with the highest of praise.

On Tuesday, he said of the organization: "Wouldn't it be great if the country was run like that?"

In his last visit to San Antonio, the GOP nominee complimented Gregg Popovich and the culture of the Spurs organization and how it was reflective of San Antonio as a city.

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According to Federal Election Commission records, Coach Pop has previously donated to Barack Obama's re-election campaign as well as the Democratic National Committee.

He also previously appeared to be disappointed in hearing that Donald Trump had won a Republican primary during an interview on TNT last season.