SAN ANTONIO - It looks like Spurs legend Tim Duncan has found a new sport to keep him busy during his retirement.

A video posted to Facebook from Echols Fitness in San Antonio shows The Big Fundamental sparring with a trainer.

The caption reads: "What happens when your training partner is 7ft tall?"

Duncan has won five NBA titles and two league MVP awards with the Spurs, among other accolades throughout his career.

"So as I've always said, Tim Duncan is the coolest man in the world," a GQ writer said after watching the video of Duncan training.

The video has been shared about 2,000 times, and prompted hundreds of comments.

"Timmy would take out both Mayweather and McGregor. I'm sure they don't want to mess around with someone that is 6'11" and almost 7'0" tall," one Facebook user wrote.