The day after Thanksgiving, the San Antonio Spurs set a franchise record with their ninth straight road win to start the season with a 109-103 win over the Boston Celtics.

Down early, the Spurs turned to their bench to turn the game around and it certainly worked. Here are the five best plays that we're certainly thankful for on this extended holiday weekend.

5. Lazy or smart?

Andrew Monaco loudly says, "Backdoor cut by Kawhi!" at the end of this play, but that's not really what happened. As the ball gets kicked around, most every player on the court stands around waiting for what's about to happen. That is, except for Boston's Jae Crowder, who runs the other way and is on the other side of the court waiting for his team to get it to him for an easy bucket.

But there was no steal and Kawhi Leonard lazily lists under the basket for an easy dunk.

Sometimes it does pay to not hustle.

4. The crossover

Tony Parker and Patty Mills are point guards, but the thing about the Spurs is that the offense functions so that the point guard is never the only distributor on the floor. As we've seen in Spurs championship DVD practice footage, there are times when Gregg Popovich will run drills where "everyone's a point guard."

Tony Parker said during the 2014 NBA Finals that the Spurs run another drill where players are only allowed to dribble twice before they have to pass.

Here is the result of that kind of offensive philosophy: Jonathon Simmons pulls off a sick crossover, but rather than look to score himself, he passes the ball off to David Lee for a gorgeous and easy dunk.

3. Patty at the buzzer

This is just ridiculous. Patty Mills finished with a career-high 19 points on 6-8 shooting, including this buzzer-beater to the give Spurs the lead going into the 4th quarter.

If you listen, you can hear even the Boston crowd impressed with that shot.

2. Bertans imitates Kawhi

Usually it's Kawhi Leonard that we see making highlight plays like a steal that leads to a breakaway dunk... but it looks like his play is infectious as Davis Bertans made this nice play.

1. The facial

Yet another Simmons crossover, yet another David Lee dunk. But this one was nasty.

How about a different angle on that one?

The David Lee signing is just looking better and better for the Spurs after every game.

The Spurs are back in action on Saturday evening in Washington against the Wizards.