SAN ANTONIO - Despite the Spurs loss in Game 1, it will still cost you a pretty penny to get your hands on some tickets for Game 2.

You better be ready to fork out some dough for game two of the I-10 Showdown because according to TickPick, the average price for a Spurs vs. Rockets ticket is at $237.

Here's what they expect for the next few games:

Game 2 will go up about $18 bucks and will cost you around $255.

Game 3 and Game 4, which would be in Houston, is coming in around $368 and #333.

We’re hoping for a Game 5, and that would be back at home, and it'll cost you around $354.

Should there be a Game 6 in Houston, it'll cost you $398 and if it goes all the way to Game 7 back at home, tickets will jump to $528.

We are only guaranteed up to Game 4 on Sunday night for now. If you want to catch the I-10 Showdown get your tickets soon and Go Spurs Go!