Two years ago, YouTube user Matt Hill published his first edition of Spurs Special Forces and the internet seemed to love it. He's made four other installments since then and they're all the most popular videos on his channel.

Why are they so popular? Possibly because the personalities of the most notable San Antonio Spurs (or lack thereof) are so stark in comparison to other NBA stars that try building their brand that it opens up a world of comedy, and not necessarily mocking the Spurs.

Spurs Special Forces is sort of a funny version of The A Team with Gregg Popovich and Tim Duncan being the best characters, although Manu Ginobili and Tony Parker have their moments. And Kawhi Leonard is becoming a bigger, albeit more silent, character.

Part 5 of Spurs Special Forces was released on Thursday, a day when Spurs fans really needed something light-hearted after news of Tony Parker being lost for the playoffs. Watch Part 5 here: