It's never been so hip to be old.

After the Spurs' Game 5 victory over the Memphis Grizzlies on April 25, Patty Mills said something about Manu Ginobili that has stuck with him ever since.

He said that Manu "brought that 'Grandpa Juice.'"

And the juice has kept on flowing ever since Manu got out of his funk in the opening round. With Tony Parker out for the playoffs and Kawhi Leonard having to sit for much of the 4th quarter and all of overtime in Game 5 against the Rockets, Ginobili stepped up once again.

And Grandpa Juice is officially a thing that Spurs fans celebrate.

Check out @blacksica7 on Twitter, an artist who made his very own Grandpa Juice t-shirt to wear for Game 6.

We'll see what grandpa's got in store for the Rockets in Houston.