SAN ANTONIO - You may not recognize his face, but you know his moves.

Rob Wicall was the man behind the Spurs Coyote for 20 years.

Wicall stepped into the suit when he was 26-years-old back in 1996.

Performing was nothing new for Wicall, he'd already spent several years skiing and performing in shows at SeaWorld.

"When I started doing it I knew I was meant to do it,” Wicall said. “It was just natural. Physical comedy was completely natural to me.”

A homemade video resume helped him get the gig and before long, he was pumping fans at games.

"When I realized it was a fulltime job, a career, I was in. I never looked back," Wicall said.

For two decades Wicall was at every game and he never missed one.

His performances looked fun and spontaneous, but he said hard work and planning went into every move.

"I was so dedicated to making sure I was impactful and purposeful,” Wicall said. “I wanted people to go home and remember the Coyote."

He saw four championship wins up close, courtside and won a ring each time.

"There's nothing like it. I remember games would end and I would think this will be a classic NBA moment and I was just a part of it and to know you're influencing those moments was truly powerful."

But Wicall said it was moments off the court he cherished the most, such as visiting terminally ill fans.

"When I would visit people that were dying and you knew they were dying but they just wanted a little bit of Spurs before they passed away because they were fans,” Wicall said. “Those are the moments that stuck with me."

He said along with attending every home game he also made roughly 200 appearances a year. Eventually, the busy schedule and physical performances caught up to him when he started having back issues and wanted to spend more time with his family.

Last year, Wicall retired but said he'll never forget his time behind the furry mask.

"It was an honor for those amazing years to represent the City of San Antonio and to serve them."