Monday night is the first game of the Western Conference semifinals. You can expect a Leonard-Harden matchup showcase.

Javier Basera is shopping hard for spurs gear at the Academy on 410 and Vance Jackson.

"We are going to sweep!" Basera said.

He's already predicting a sweep in the Spurs vs. Rockets series in the Western Conference semifinals. Other fans stocked up on shirts and foam fingers.

But where is all the rockets gear?

KENS 5 couldn't find a single Houston t-shirt. The manager at a local Academy said that he's told fans sorry and that they'll have to shop online.

Rockets fans are also tough to find in San Antonio, but we know they're out there because they aren't shy online, with posts like "FEAR THE BEARD" on the Rocket Nation Facebook page and comments like "Houston Rockets are taking SA no doubt."

Not so fast! "Cause we have Kawhi!" Javier exclaimed.

The Spurs take on the Houston Rockets tonight at 8:30 p.m. at the AT&T Center.