According to Steve Kyler at Basketball Insiders, the cap space that the San Antonio Spurs have made available this offseason has made them a player for Paul George in free agency.

Kyler tweeted on Thursday that the Spurs "have a real shot at him."

It's been a crazy 24 hours for the Spurs, who have convinced Pau Gasol to opt out of his player option, freeing up another $16 million for the Spurs to use in free agency, bringing their total cap space to around $30 million.

Now, reports are saying that the Spurs could create even more cap space if they can successfully trade away LaMarcus Aldridge to move up in Thursday's NBA Draft. It wouldn't be as simple as creating another $20 million in space with Aldridge's contract gone. They'd likely have to take on another contract from whichever team they trade with, but it would still mean that San Antonio would likely have more than $40 million in cap space to work with.

While it may seem that acquiring a player like George with only one year left on his deal would go against the Spurs philosophy, Kyler says that the Spurs are all in on going after the Warriors next season.

We'll see if the Spurs can pull off something during tonight's draft.