The San Antonio Spurs are getting ready to head into the playoffs, and that means tattoo shops around town are getting ready for more business.

Kyile at Platinum Piercing and Tattoos said the deeper the Spurs go in the playoffs, the deeper fans dig into their pockets to pay for some body art.

"Anybody that is truly a fan and they like the way the team is doing they want that positive on them as well," said Kyile Hall

The players have tattoos a-plenty! Danny Green is all tatted up. Kawhi Leonard says tattoos?? Ka-why Not! And LaMarcus Aldrige has plenty of ink himself.

However, some fans believe that getting a Spurs tattoo is bad luck for the Silver and Black.

"We've had people come in and schedule appointments and not go through with the tattoo because of some type of thing," Hall said.

Fans get all sorts of Spurs tattoos in all sorts of places. Like a broken up Spurs logo on the forearm, the Lone Star State with a spur on the Alamo City or a tattoo of Matt Bonner on what looks like a red-haired leg.

Some get ultra-creative like the tattoo of a spur and a Tower of the Americas poppin' up on the right side. Or an entire Spurs sleeve. But the big daddy of them all is the Spurs logo tattooed right on the noggin complete with five championship trophies.

But Hall said the most popular of all is simply the Spurs logo on the upper arm.