Kawhi Leonard is having a great time on his first trip to China as he’s made the voyage acting as an NBA representative.

In an interview with Chinese media, he says that he’s enjoyed the authentic Chinese food and talked about the love that the Spurs get all around the world.

He also talked about how he doesn’t participate in recruiting free agents and that he’s working on building his brand. But the best stuff came when he talked about raising his daughter, who just turned 1 year old.

“She’s young still, but I definitely spend time with her,” he said. “I’ll get back from the gym or wake up in the morning and she wakes up with me. I take her to the beach, spend quality time with her, read a book with her, get on the ground and crawl with her, play with her toys, just quality stuff like that.”

He also had a great answer when he was asked about the biggest misconceptions that people have about the San Antonio Spurs.

“I think people just have the wrong perception of others, sometimes. People think Coach Popovich is mean all the time and everybody thinks I’m quiet and I don’t smile,” he said as the media laughed.

While it’s true that “Kawhi So Serious” has his game face on all the time on the court, we have seen him smile off the court. ESPN did a segment about this last season:

And then there are the HEB commercials, where Kawhi is always laughing at his own jokes.

But of course, the best smile is the championship smile. We hope to see that one again soon.