SAN ANTONIO -- With the basketball season underway, My Plates said it is offering San Antonio fans the opportunity to show support for the Spurs during the latest license plate auction.

My plates said the newly released 7-letter message GO SPURS is one of 50 unique messages up for grabs during Texas’ Great Plate Auction.

The Great Plate Auction also showcases a wide selection of plate messages, other than sports-related plates, from low numbers and Texas themes, to sports teams, car brands, 2-letter plates and plus state and country names.

"Auction plate messages are also fully transferable. Not only can they be transferred from one vehicle to another, but also person to person, such as parent to their children or friend to friend. The auction plate message winner also has the right to sell the plate message to another person with the same ongoing rights. As a result, these unique plate messages could be an excellent investment," My Plates said in a media release.

All of the plate messages within the auction have an opening bid of $500. If only the opening bid has been received when the auction closes, My Plates said that will be the final and winning bid.

“We wanted to open this auction up for all Texans to have the opportunity to secure one of these great plate messages” said Steve Farrar, president of My Plates.

The Great Plate auction will be conducted online and will run through Nov. 30. Texans interested in the auction can visit the company's website for more information and to view the complete list of plates for sale.