If you aren't from San Antonio, you wouldn't understand. But those who have gone through the highs and lows of San Antonio Spurs playoff runs are in the know:

The season really begins when the Spurs commercials are released.

H-E-B's annual Spurs commercials are beloved because they create a world where our favorite Spurs players show just a LITTLE BIT of personality, something that isn't often on display during games and especially in interviews.

Where else do you see Kawhi Leonard in a Greek toga? Tony Parker leading a cooking class? Tim Duncan calling his muscles "pythons?" Manu Ginobili building a fort using the AT&T Center floor boards?

We're hearing that this year's commercials will drop late in the afternoon Thursday. Here's a look at the H-E-B preview videos:

The Spurs will play their home opener Saturday night against New Orleans.

They opened the season in California on Tuesday night with a dominant victory over defending Western Conference Champion Golden State.