"The Spurs are ancient," is pretty awkward analysis as the only on-the-record statement from a draft pick about the team that drafted them. But that's the case for Derrick White, who was drafted by the San Antonio Spurs with the No. 29 pick in this year's draft.

Derrick White sent this tweet the week after the Spurs swept the LA Lakers out of the 2013 NBA playoffs:

Someone was likely calling him out on incorrectly predicting that the Lakers would give the Spurs trouble in that series or even win it outright.

Those "ancient" Spurs went on to the NBA Finals, where they lost to the Miami Heat in seven games. An older Spurs team won the title the following year in a dominant, five-game series.

White likely changed his opinion after the Spurs won their fifth title and sounded much more complimentary on draft night:

"It's crazy to be a part of the Spurs' organization," he said. "They have a great history and Coach Pop has done an amazing job there. I just want to get there and join the Spurs' way."