While most Spurs fans are taking their anger to social media and waiting for Game 3 for San Antonio to exact swift and just revenge for Zaza Pachulia knocking Kawhi Leonard out of the series for the second half of Game 1 and all of Game 2, one fan is taking it to another level.

Juan Vasquez and his company What's On Second, Inc., which own the northeast-side memorabilia store What's On Second Sports Cards, are suing the Golden State Warriors for $73,000.

Why $73,000? Well, as the lawsuit explains:

"The requested damage amount, an estimate of Plaintiffs’ combined financial losses, is composed of the sum of the jersey numbers for Spurs legends David Robinson (51)*, Tim Duncan (21), and that of injured current star Kawhi Leonard (2)."

*The lawsuit incorrectly identifies Robinson's number as 51 rather than 50

So he's a committed and creative fan.

According to the lawsuit, not only is Vasquez seeking monetary damages, he's also seeking a restraining order on Zaza Pachulia. It's a coincidental request since Pachulia actually injured his ankle on a non-contact play and had to go to the locker room during Game 2 and could be held out of the next two games in San Antonio.

The lawsuit goes out of its way to praise the Spurs, but Vasquez is quick to point out that he's no bandwagon fan that scored season tickets on the floor:

"His family were Spurs season ticket holders and he was a fan of the Spurs when they were not the incredibly successful and model franchise that they now are... being raised in San Antonio, has grown with the team throughout his life, modelling his own quest for personal and professional excellence and distinction as the team and organization have themselves also sought and attained the highest level of success, sportsmanship, and ethics."

He uses strong language in condemning the actions of Pachulia and later cites Gregg Popovich's Monday press conference in which he went after Pachulia for the play:

"A banned and prohibited “dirty” play like the kind that Defendant, Pachulia engaged in, not only has an impact on those handful of people on the court, but others as well. Notably, dirty play and intentional targeting also has in impact on the many others who have committed resources to be part of the experience."

After Golden State's blowout win on Tuesday, the Warriors have a 2-0 lead as the series shifts back to San Antonio. Kawhi Leonard is expected to play and a raucous crowd will loudly unleash its ire at the opposition even before tipoff.

What will work in the Spurs' favor for Game 3 is that it's a Saturday game at 8 p.m. local time, not a weekday game at 6 p.m. local time, which accounted for why the crowd wasn't as loud as expected at the start of each of the first two games.

If Pachulia plays, he'll be booed out of the building. If the jumbotron camera catches him on the bench, expect the same.

Either way, the lawsuit further exacerbates the fire that the Spurs fans feel even though the team was just blown out and faces a 2-0 deficit.

This isn't over. Not by a long shot. We'll see you on Saturday.


Spurs fan files lawsuit against Warriors over Zaza Pachulia injuring Kawhi Leonard by kens5 on Scribd