The Spurs are out west on a quick two-game road trip, and when asked about his recent comments on Donald Trump's election, coach Gregg Popovich told reporters: "I got a lot of email."

Popovich had talked about feeling "sick to my stomach" over Trump's win when speaking in San Antonio before a game last Friday. Reaction was swift on social media as Spurs fans from both sides of the political divide rushed to comment on the beloved coach's political statements.

During a pregame interview Wednesday night before the Spurs rang up a 110-105 victory over the Kings, reporters in Sacramento asked him about the reaction he had gotten.

Washington Post NBA writer Tim Bontemps provided the following transcript of Popovich's comments via Twitter:

>> Click for Twitter transcript of Popovich's comments

"You can't believe anything that comes out of his mouth," Popovich is quoted as saying about Trump. "It changes day to day, depending on the situation and what he needs at the moment."

Popovich also told reporters that the election result made him question the values of American voters, Bontemps said.

"It's still a disorienting situation, when you thought you lived in a certain kind of country with certain values that were held in esteem and find out those values aren't very important to half the country," Popovich said.

Another reporter asked Popovich whether he had been given a "green light" to comment about the election from Spurs ownership.

Bontemps recorded the following reply by Popovich:

"No, they haven't given me that freedom. I live in America. That's what has given me that freedom. There are no individual people that give me that freedom."

>> Here's a link to Popovich's earlier comments in San Antonio