A local artist has been asked to remove a mural from the side of a business just 24 hours after he painted it.

Albert Gonzales painted "Pop For President" on the exterior of Carmelita's Mexican Restaurant on the 2200 block of Broadway. The mural features San Antonio Spurs Greg Popovich as well as notable Spurs players Kawhi Leonard, Tim Duncan, Tony Parker, and Manu Ginobili.

Gonzales posted a picture of the mural on Instagram, saying that the building owners asked him to take the mural down after receiving complaints about the mural's message.

"People are already getting upset. They are giving me till noon to paint over it," Gonzales wrote.

Popovich has not been shy about his criticism of President Trump and has made national news with his commentary on his political views.In October, the Spurs coach called the President a "soulless coward" after President Trump discussed calling the families of American soldiers killed in action.

Popovich's attitude towards the president has sparked several messages and memes calling for the coach to run for president. A spoof presidential ad for Popovich was released earlier this month by comedy website Funny or Die.

Gonzales said he really wanted the mural to be a conversation starter.

"With the current situation, I knew it was going to create some sort of energy, positive or negative. I wanted it to create a dialogue between the people who view it to question themselves or question why it's up."