In a recent interview on Sirius XM NBA Radio, David Robinson touted how well Kyrie Irving would fit into the Spurs system if San Antonio traded for him.

“We’d be crazy not to want a talented guy like that,” Robinson said. “He’s been a force for [the Cavs].”

For weeks, the news of Irving's desire to be traded away from the Cavs has put Cleveland in a tough situation. He made it known that the Spurs are at the top of his list and that he'd be willing to sign an extension with San Antonio after his contract is up following the 2019-2020 season.

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“You add a talent like that to a system that can enhance his impact in the game and make him more efficient, it’s just an enjoyable atmosphere where your teammates encourage one another and love one another," Robinson said. “We can only dream about good stuff like that.”

We know that the Spurs have made an offer for Irving. That was reported by Adrian Wojnarowski at ESPN several weeks ago. But what we don't know is how Cleveland is treating the trade offers and if they're in the process of working something out at all.

No matter where the Cavs are with Irving, Spurs fans can agree that he'd look great in Silver and Black.