Jordan Brand is drawing awareness to the genius that is the Spurs' star forward Kawhi Leonard in a new advertisement.

If the video embed is missing, WATCH "The Kawhi Question" video here.

Leonard, who was added to the Jordan Brand team back in November of 2013, was featured in an ad released Sunday, June 25 on the company YouTube page just a day before the first-ever NBA Awards telecast.

Though the Spurs were knocked out in the second round of the NBA playoffs with Leonard out due to an ankle injury from a controversial play involving Golden State Warriors Center Zaza Pachulia, Leonard has still secured his place as a finalist for both the 2017 Most Valuable Player and Defensive Player of the Year awards.

The ad poses a simple question referred to as "The Kawhi Question." Is Kawhi Leonard an "offensive or defensive genius?"

In the ad, the conversation spirals into a full on no holds barred, debate-styled disagreement pinning Leonard's two consecutive NBA Defensive Player of the Year awards against the pure and simple fact that, "Kawhi gets buckets!"

The ad ends posing a slightly more controversial question to fans, "Could Kawhi get buckets on Kawhi?"

What do you think?