This was a crazy Game 4 of the NBA Finals, not the least of which because of the ridiculous officiating that happened.

Pick any number of questionable calls that weren't just second-guessed by observers, but first-guessed. And, of course, San Antonio Spurs fans recognized one man getting away with a cheap shot.

Nevermind how Zaza Pachulia just happened to step on LeBron James's ankle:

"He's good at that!" touted Jeff Van Gundy, broadcasting the game for ABC. Spurs fans know that all too well.

This isn't even about how the officials retroactively changed a technical so that Draymond Green wouldn't get tossed from the game in the 3rd quarter.

This is about a bizarre play in which Pachulia punched Iman Shumpert in the groin following a scrum that resulted in a jump ball.

Rather than, say, being assessed a technical foul and being tossed from the game for such an action, the referees instead issued a double-technical to both players.

Presumably, Shumpert was penalized for "standing over" Pachulia, but he was already there in the natural course of the play.

This shouldn't come as a surprise, though. Earlier in the game, Dahntay Jones was jawing with Kevin Durant (who was talking right back) and Jones was beguilingly issued a technical foul.

Both players were talking, and players were jawing at each other throughout the game on both sides. The plus side of this was that it gave Jeff Van Gundy an opportunity to deliver the line of the night later when Kevin Durant and LeBron James got to talking up close.

— NBA SKITS (@NBA_Skits) June 10, 2017

"If they keep doing this, they're going to get Dahntay Jones another technical!"

Game 5 is Monday night back in Oakland.