The thing that can be forgotten about teams with long championship droughts is that there are people who love that team who lived long lives and never saw them reach a championship game or series.

Such is the case with the Chicago Cubs, and to a lesser extent their opponent in tonight's Game 7 of the World Series, the Cleveland Indians.

What Cubs fans have been doing to honor their loved ones who never saw the Cubs win a championship or even get to the World Series is write their names on the brick walls of Wrigley Field in chalk.

To see the colorful display at the "friendly confines" is to see a tribute not to a team, but to the people who didn't live to see it.

Here are some photos shared on social media. Have some tissue ready:

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In Loving Memory of John Hartley Rowe! Thanks for the Chicago Love from Dallas! #gocubsgo

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The @Cubs are the reason I live in the greatest city in the world. God bless those that never saw the cubbies one game away for winning it all. A few broken hearts, an elementary school project on the curse, and 24 years later here we are. Sweet home Chicago. Go Cubs Go! #FlyTheW

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For the lady who taught me to root for the cubbies. #cubbies #gocubsgo #flythew #worldseries

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wish you were here to witness this, fellas #flythew

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For the Cubs fans that are no longer with us 💙 #Wrigley #Chicago #WrigleyField #GoCubsGo

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As a lifelong Southsider & White Sox fan, one of my favorite moments ever was this summer at Wrigley Field hearing Eddie Vedder lead the whole stadium full of Pearl Jam & Cubs faithful in a stirring rendition of Someday We'll Go All the Way. The belief was there, chills all around, as grown men & women literally wept. I will never forget that moment. This World Series is special to me and my family from our Grandma Betty, that lifelong Cubs fan who listened to every single game on her little radio on WGN in her Southside Beverly kitchen. A true born Northsider, she loved her team so much and would have loved to be here to see this magical moment one she saw 71 years ago. Tonight is the stuff baseball dreams are made of, it feels like a movie. Game 7, 108 years in the making. How special to love something so deeply and have so much pride in this great city, this great tradition, this America's Pastime. This morning on the way to the gym, I ran 3.5 miles North instead, to Wrigley, in a nostalgic run, smiling the whole time. I proudly picked up that chalk and added "Betty's" name to the brick walls around Wrigley with all of the other faithful who have waited a lifetime and dedicated tonight to someone they love and for many and for me is no longer with us, but in our hearts and all around us. Baseball is my game, my #1, I've celebrated my team over 11 years ago, and this Southsider is proud to say (as long as I'm not playing them) "Go Cubs Go", this is for you Chicago... this is for you Grandma Betty!!! #forgrandma #gocubsgo #game7 #worldseries #wrigleyfield #flythew #chicagocubs #chicago #murrayclan

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My sister swung by Wrigley Field this morning and tossed up our grandfathers name on the iconic bricks. He was a super fan. R.I.P Salvatore Infusino. ❤️ #ChicagoCubs

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