Lifeguarding is serious business, so serious that the state of Texas hosts the annual Games of Texas Lifeguard Competition, and a group of six super guards from Kerrville qualified for the big show.

They're Ashlea's Angels. The name was coined by the team captain, 20-year-old Wren Vogel.

"We noticed our skill level was there and we had a great coach and we trusted her and trusted that we could be really good if we put our minds to it," she said.

Wren captains the group, including 17-year-old Carlos, 17-year-old Michael, 20-year-old Courtney, 19-year-old Megan, and 21-year-old Jacob.

"They work extremely hard, very hard, and they are very dedicated and very loyal," said Ashlea Boyle, the team's coach and director of the Kerrville Parks and Recreation Department.

They're so dedicated that they won state last year and they're heading to the competition again on July 31. To get to state, they won the Texas Super Lifeguard Competition by being the best at scenarios and simulations including first aid, CPR and spinal injury management, and water rescues.

But they also have to be highly conditioned. They stay in shape by treading water with 30-pound bricks and by swimming lots of laps.

Each of them says that they get something unique out of their intensive training.

"I feel like it's opening a new door for me wanting to be a paramedic," Carlos said.

And their reward is going to state for the second year in a row.