SAN ANTONIO – Pau Gasol can’t quite believe that the Spurs’ season opener Wednesday night falls on the same night as fellow Spaniard Placido Domingo’s concert at the Alamodome.

Gasol, who is preparing for his second season as a forward/center with the Silver and Black, is a longtime fan of Domingo, a renowned tenor who has won 14 Grammy and Latin Grammy Awards during his long career.

Gasol, known for his love of culture, engaged in some banter Sunday when a reporter asked him if he was “bummed out” that he wouldn't be able to catch Domingo’s concert.

“I don’t get it. I don’t get it. I don’t get it,” he said, halfway joking. "I don’t know if it’s the only time that Placido Domingo comes to San Antonio, and it’s the same time and day that we play our game. I don’t get what went wrong. Somebody messed up here. They didn’t check the schedule. Jeez, our opening night and Placido comes to town.”

Gasol, 37, is a good friend of Domingo, 76, and communicates with him regularly.

“I would have a tough choice to make if I was a fan and not a basketball player, which one I should go to,” Gasol said. “I’ll try to talk with him for sure. Maybe we can catch dinner. Maybe after our game, after his performance, or before."

“I don’t know his schedule, so I’ll try to call or text him later and see what his schedule is and see how long he’s in town. Probably in and out, knowing his schedule. Somebody messed up.”