The competition, bragging rights, and extra crash are a part of what makes fantasy football leagues fun.

But you can't forget about the trophies.

This year, Monarch Trophy Studio said it's been getting more requests for championship belts. Many are requesting elaborate designs with jewels and other engraved markings on them.

"I think when they see a wrestling belt and see that that can be an award, they get really excited because we've got some super cool belts," owner Charlie Drago said.

Depending on the design, one belt can cost up to $300.

"Some of the names we get of the winners and stuff, they're not appropriate to say on here," Assistant Manager Jason Drago said. "The donkey's butt is funny for the last one or the toilet bowl one with toilet paper it. There are some funny ones that come through."

The studio is able to create all of their trophies at the store.