So many of us stayed up until 1 a.m. Monday watching the wild game 5 of the World Series between the Houston Astros and the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Astros fans in San Antonio made it a priority to buy more Astros swag ahead of game 6 Tuesday.

Local shops tell us you better hurry! The merch is selling fast.

We stopped by Academy Sports + Outdoors off 410 and Vance Jackson to see for ourselves.

"Everybody I've talked to [says], 'Hey, did you see it?!' [I said] 'Yes!!!' Just imagine how many people were late this morning in Houston!" said Astros Fan, Ed Zamora.

It was the talk of the office Monday.

"Altuve! He's just amazing! MVP!" said Zamora. "I spent five hours sitting down watching it and loving every minute of it."

"Once Bregman got that winning hit, it was such a sigh of relief!" said Astros fan, Robert Vasquez.

The Astros had everyone up Sunday night. Even those not much into baseball.

"With Spurs being here, it's always basketball and we love football, but last night's game sucked me in. Game 5!" said Astros fan, Joshua Prado.

Ahead of game 6, Astros shirts, socks, tumblers, and caps are going, going, and nearly gone!

"They're in a rush to get it before anyone else does!" said Carlos Garcia, Manager of Academy Sports + Outdoors off 410 and Vance Jackson.

"I would say there's a bigger rush [now]," said Garcia. "A lot of fans that normally wouldn't watch baseball are watching now because of the Houston Astros. With Carlos Correa, Jose Altuve, George Springer, those are some of the big things people come looking for."

Fans are stocking up on fresh gear hoping to witness a historic win.

"Especially after Hurricane Harvey, the team is carrying that resiliency with them," said Vasquez. "It's fun to watch. It's stressful at times, an emotional rollercoaster, but it's been a pleasure to watch."

Yes, game 6 lands on Halloween. What a coincidence! It's already a big night for orange and bats.

"I'm gonna hook up a 40-inch TV on the front yard," said Prado. "Hopefully that's not illegal! I'll show it to all the parents who are taking their kids out trick-or-treating so they can watch the game and not miss Houston win the World Series."

Garcia says the store expects Black Friday-like crowds should the Astros win the World Series. If the 'Stros win, Academy will open their doors at 6 the following morning.