A video of a widow mourning the death of her husband on an airport tarmac has been seen over seven million times across social media.

The fallen Green Beret’s casket was received by his family at an airport in North Carolina while dozens witnessed the raw moment from inside the cabin.

Lisa West Williams, one of the passengers aboard the flight, captured the moment on her phone.She has received mixed opinions on her decision to share the moment.

“I originally took the video just to show my family, my children, that this goes on. You know, it’s real and it happens too much,” Williams said.

She later decided to post the video online.

Many watchers sympathized for the widow, while a number of people were upset that such a private moment was shared with the world. Williams said she reached out to the woman in the video shortly after.

“It probably wasn’t sensitive of me to post it without permission and when I realized that I did contact her and she was very supportive.”

Williams said the widow felt it was important for people to see the impact this has on families.

“She felt the same way that everyone needed to the sacrifices that our men and women make,” Williams said.

The fallen warrior was Fort Bragg Green Beret Warrant Officer 1 Shawn Thomas. He was killed in a non-combat crash in Africa in February.

“I’m thankful for her husband and for so many others that have sacrificed for us.” Williams said.