A local marketing agency has a bold way of encouraging people to give blood.

The agency Adcetera is using its own building as a billboard with a two-story mural featuring a vampire reaching out from the corner with the words “Houston needs blood” dripping on the side. It also shows the hashtag #thebloodytruth and The Bloody Truth website address.

“Originally the concept was from Adcetera. They thought, ‘Let’s do something, especially around Halloween to promote blood donation,’ and to bring awareness to the fact that it’s missing. People need to give blood more,” said mural artist Mr. D.

“The need is there, the passion is there, the blood is there, all we need is to connect everybody together to see the art and go, ‘Wow! This is a cause I can support,’” said Rowan Gearon, vice president of creative services at Adcetera.

The building is on the corner of Louisiana and Rosalie streets in Midtown.