Pablo Carmona was in the car with his wife Paula and their son Elijah on Highway 90 when they spotted a police car with what was left of the now-broken hose.

He says that he's never seen anything like it.

"We came into San Antonio from Castroville. My wife was driving and she noticed it first," Carmona recalled.

That's when he whipped out his cell phone to capture the bizarre scene. He and his wife even tried to let the officer know that he had a little extra cargo.

"By that time, if she had tried catching up with him, we would have been going over the speed limit," he noted.

The good news is that if this ever happens to you, there shouldn't be a major gas leak or a fireball that chases you down the road because gas pumps are designed to break apart at a metal coupling to avoid that very problem.

The San Antonio Police Department a statement in response to the viral video:

The fuel pump is from one of the City of San Antonio fueling stations. All police vehicles can only be refueled at a city owned facility. The nozzles are designed to break away from the hose and the gas line instantly shuts down in the event that someone accidentally drives off, there was no gas leak or other issues.

Even though Carmona was surprised to see the nozzle still in the tank of the cruiser, he was just as shocked to hear how quickly the nujmber of views of his video were filling up his Facebook feed:

SAPD also told us that the officer will not be disciplined because it was a mere accident.