DECATUR, Ga. -- A Decatur, Georgia woman is using a garden hose to fight crime in her neighborhood.

Nancy Eilen said a man exposed himself right next to her home on Tuesday.

Eilen said she loves taking care of her plants and her Oakhurst neighborhood. But she never imagined a hose would help her accomplish both.

The incident started when a man pulled up next to her house as she was watering her dogwood tree. She said the stranger seemed suspicious.

"I made eye contact with the driver and saw he wasn't wearing a shirt. I thought that was strange,” she said.

Eilen said the man started asking for directions.

"Every time I'd answer, he'd ask another question,” she said.

As she tried to avoid eye contact, tending to her plant, she said the man pulled his car seat back and fully exposed himself.

"I had the suspicion and I said, 'No that's not what's going on.' Then, I thought, 'Yeah, it is going on' when he leaned back and I saw what he was doing.”

Without hesitation, Eilen sprayed down the flasher. She said he immediately sped off.

"I had the hose right there so I thought why would he not think I’d spray him," she said. "Who wouldn't spray him?"

Nancy reported the incident to police. They said there was another similar incident in the neighborhood just a few days before.

Just like Eilen’s encounter, that incident started when a suspect asked for direction.

Eilen said the suspect messed with the wrong person. And if you ask her, he got away pretty easy.

"He's lucky I wasn't pruning,” she said.