SAN ANTONIO -- Have you received a call from USAA demanding your credit card number? Chances are it was a scam artist trying to intimidate you to get their hands on your money.

USAA allowed KENS 5 into their Cyber Threat Operations Center. USAA and the FBI are scrambling to the trace the predator.

"Basically, it's called a robocall," said Tom Shaw, USAA's vice president of financial crimes management.

"The call says 'this is USAA's security department, enter in your card number or your card will be suspended.' It's a tactic using a threat," he added.

The bully's number is reportedly even from a 210 area code, even though Shaw said they could be from anywhere in the world.

"Most of these calls are from overseas. It's technology that's allowing it to happen with voice over IP," he said. "They are really hard to detect."

They're not just targeting USAA members. The FBI is assisting USAA in the investigation.

Shaw said if you do get a call, don't push any buttons. Just hang up. If you already gave them your credit card number, he said to call your bank immediately.