Is the water in the Guadalupe River safe?

It's a question many people are asking after a dog died and two others became deathly ill just over two weeks ago near the Canyon Lake dam.

The Guadalupe Blanco River Authority conducted tests of water samples taken from the Guadalupe River a short time after Kinsey Perry's dog Hunnie passed away.

KENS 5 obtained a copy of the test results and the findings are not good for Perry.

According to the GBRA, e.coli numbers were low and there was no algae bloom as initially suspected.

"As far as the water and the water quality we feel confident that the water was good for contact recreation," said Michael Urrutia, GBRA Deputy Executive Manager of Operations & Water Quality.

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Kinsey Perry's dog, Hunnie, died minutes after getting in the water on Sept. 16. Perry's second dog and a dog belonging to her friend Larissa Parker became extremely sick, too.

They both suspect hydrogen sulfide may be in the water.

"Investigators noted odors, hydrogen sulfide did not reach levels of immediate concern at the time of the investigation," a TCEQ spokesman said.

GBRA didn't test the water for hydrogen sulfide. So what killed Hunnie and made the others sick?

"We have no idea, no idea," said Urrutia.

While we may never get an answer to why these dogs became so sick so quickly, GBRA insists the public should not be concerned.

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"In Comal County we sample 11 sites monthly, we've been doing that for over 20 years and we feel like that sampling program gives us an indication of the water quality on the Guadalupe River and we feel like the water quality on the Guadalupe River is a good quality and safe for contact recreation," said Urrutia.

The Guadalupe Blanco River Authority said people should still avoid areas where there is stagnant water, just as an extra precaution.