A makeshift memorial at a Walmart on the southwest side where dozens of immigrants were found in a hot semi-trailer is growing. One woman said that she drove all the way from Mexico and that the memorial was her first stop.

The most chilling items left at the memorial are water bottles, something so small but essential to those that lost their lives.

“They risk their lives kind of like Russian roulette because it just depends on what kind of person is bringing them over,” said Maria Garcia, who noted that the day the immigrants were found will be forever etched in her memory.

Garcia also said that she has family members who crossed the border in similar ways.

“I know, personally, that when people get here, they’re tired, they’re thirsty,” she said. “That’s why all the water bottles were out there because people died without water or something so simple.”

People stopping by the memorial say that they are praying for the 10 souls who lost their lives, their families, and the other victims still fighting for their lives.

One of the victims is a 16-year-old boy named Brandon, who had dreams of moving to the United States, living the American dream, and starting a family.

A picture was sent to KENS 5 by his attorney, showing Brandon’s father by his side at North Central Baptist Hospital.

Meanwhile, the prayers will continue at the memorial.

“In Catholic religion, we do the rosary when somebody passes and we pray for nine days,” said Garcia, who hopes that the families of the victims in Mexico will know that the San Antonio community stands with them. “I hope that they see it and that they know that their loved ones are being honored and that their memories will forever be in our hearts and that we pray for their families.”

According to the Bexar County Medical Examiner, all but two of the 10 victims have been identified.