HOUSTON - As if people in Florida don’t have enough to worry about, some businesses have now been accused of hiking up prices for important, everyday items.

People have posted pictures on social media showing stores charging more than $30 for a case of water. Another picture showed a gas station charging $6 per gallon.

The Better Business Bureau explains inflation like that is illegal when the government declares a State of Emergency.

“There is a law that you may not raise the price of necessary services. That’s really important, your bottle of Jack Daniels does not qualify. The bottle of water probably does. You can’t raise the prices during a 30 day period that that is in effect,” said Dan Parsons, with the BBB of Greater Houston and South Texas.

However, you need proof if you want to hold a greedy business accountable.

“Document, document, document. Get all receipts. That’s critical,” said Parsons. “It’s got to be that there is proof on a credit card, or a receipt, or whatever says “you did this and you shouldn’t have done it. It was inflation. It was gauging”.”

The Better Business Bureau also recommends keeping essential items on standby, so you don’t have to scramble for supplies at the last minute.